The Parsons – Amy & Christopher’s Wedding

I haven’t updated in a while, and I’m very sorry to both of my regular readers here. All joking aside, it’s actually very difficult to find truly great photographers. In my endless nights of research and trawling, I would occasionally find one that I thought deserved a mention on this blog but ultimately I didn’t feel they warranted it. Today’s photographers (tagteam duo) are different. The Parsons are what would happen if Jonas Peterson married Joanne Peterson and the husband and wife Peterson combination roamed the world taking photos. They made American Photography’s 2013 list of best wedding photographers and you know what? I strongly agree with their selection in this case.

amy-+-christopher-0036 amy-+-christopher-0047 amy-+-christopher-0073 amy-+-christopher-0103 amy-+-christopher-0121 amy-+-christopher-0092 amy-+-christopher-0128

You can check out the rest of Amy and Christopher’s wedding by The Parsons by clicking the link.


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