Californian Wedding Photographer Caroline Tran

California’s Caroline Tran is from the emergent “Fine Art” school of wedding photographers. I’m not sure if the usage of “fine art” is currently interchangeable with “looks shot by Jose Villa”, but it sure is getting popular to color after this fashion. Not to worry though – the results when applied thoughtfully are really rather good. It’s not like just […]

Melbourne wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis

Although there were others I found afterwards, Jerry Ghionis is the photographer who first showed me how good a wedding can look. Now, granted – the glamour look isn’t exactly on the cutting edge of things today. All the kids seem to rave about today is vintage pastels and overexposure. But Jerry is a cut […]

Brisbane Wedding Photographer Jonas Peterson visits San Francisco

Jonas Peterson is a photographer whose work I’ve struggled with. Like a record from a band that, while you might not necessarily “like”, contains distinctly unique qualities. The “challenging” art. Jonas Peterson is based in Brisbane, Australia, but travels extensively to carry out his unique brand of wedding photography. He makes this blog’s list of […]